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 finding termite damage in your home
How big is Termite Control in Houston?

Termite Control is a major concern for most homeowners in Spring, Tx. It is said that for every acre of land in Texas there are more than 3 termite colonies. That’s a lot and more than enough reason for concern and education on Termite Control. 

Needless to say, termites are everywhere in Houston and it’s only a matter of time before they end up at your home. In Texas, it’s actually law before building a new home or structure that termite control is done beforehand to protect the buyer. This termite pre-treatment comes standard with a 5-year warranty.

The best way to prevent a Subterranean Termite infestation is to build a chemical barrier around the home. Preventive termite barrier treatments are key to keeping termites out your home and damaging it unnecessarily. A preventive termite barrier is a trench dug around the home with a termite chemical barrier sandwiched between the soil and the foundation. A termite will have to pass through this barrier in order to gain access to the home and in turn, will infect his colony and wipe out termites before they start.


The go-to product used by termite control professionals is a product called, Termidor SC or Taurus SC. It’s a registered termiticide that is labelled for use by professionals only. This type of product is preferred because it is undetectable by termites and does not need to be monitored between each quarter. When a termite passes through the soil treated with Termidor it will spread the Termidor throughout the colony and eventually wipe them out.


Avoid Possible Termite Infestations
What types of woods do termites prefer?

Don’t forget your annual termite control inspection

When it comes to termite control the best thing you can do for your property is to think about prevention. You want to take inventory of your property and figure out if you’re providing a suitable environment for termites to take advantage of. In most situations, homeowners unknowingly attract termites to the property by creating conducive situations. Leaky pipes are a big culprit, especially ones that don’t drain away from the property. Storing firewood on the ground next to the foundation is also a sure way to attract termites quickly to your property. The scent of decaying wood emits a scent that termites are very good at finding. By lifting the wood off the ground, and away from the foundation, you’ll deter termites from finding an easy path right into your home.

Sometimes it’s not that easy, being subterranean by nature these termites can sneak into a home by coming up from underneath a home through cracks in the slab/foundation, under shower stalls, bathtubs, and toilets.

If you are not sure if your house has termites or you suspect that it does give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and inspect your home or business for signs of termites.

Treatment Options

Charlette’s Web offers WDI Inspections, termite spot treatments, and perimeter termite treatments. 

  • Spot Treatments target a minor infestation, where activity is confined to a single area.
  • Perimeter Treatments, as the name implies, treat the perimeter of a structure. A perimeter treatment is the most common treatment for homes in Texas and is done as a preventive measure or for active infestations. 

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