Pest Control Service



Quarterly Treatment

The quarterly pest control service is our most popular and economical option with just 4 treatments per year.  Most customers who choose this plan use our pest services to maintain and prevent nuisance infestations and long-term damage to their properties.


Bi-Monthly Treatment

The every other month plan is the best option for those who need a little more protection and do not want to deal with the occasional bug at the end of a quarterly cycle. If you’re in a new home development you could be experiencing abnormal levels of insect activity and higher insect pressure than other neighborhoods. In this case, an EOM plan is often recommended with a shorter duration between treatment because insects simply have no way to build on the property.


One-time Service

Not ready to commit to every other month or quarterly service but have an immediate pest problem? We’d still love to have you as a customer! Give us a call for a one-time service and we’ll be happy to get rid of your bug problem fast. As a word of caution, the longer a pest problem goes untreated, the more it costs to correct it (both in time and money). So don’t wait any longer if you notice an issue call right away. 



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