Bed Bugs

bed bugs houston texas

bed bugs houston texas

These tiny blood sucking creatures are hitchhikers and will travel anywhere they are brought. One single bed bug can give birth to 300 little bed bugs that can live up to a year without a single feeding.

Bed Bugs can be brought back into your home or business from hotels, on clothing, new or used furniture, suitcases, people, etc.  Movie theaters, airports, schools are highly susceptible to infestations due to the fact that thousands of people visit and return to their homes each evening.

Always inspect your suitcases after domestic or international travel, and inspect your clothing upon returning from large gatherings. You could have a hitchhiker wanting to come home with you.

How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?


Step 1 – Examine the Bite

Most bed bug bites have a distinct pattern. It’s not a random bite here or there. They tend to follow a linear path with bites near each other. These bites are usually very itchy, red, and typically found on ankles, arms, shoulders, and your back.

Step 2 – Check your bed
Inspect your sheets for fresh blood or dried blood spackles? Whenever a bed bug eats it also sheds feces simutanously. If the sheets don’t hold any important clues check the mattress itself. Lift up the tufts along the edges and see if you can find any bed bugs hiding. Check the entire mattress and then the box spring. Early stage bed bugs the nymphs will be extremely tiny and transcluent making them very hard to spot on your average white mattress. You can however see them run really fast if you move your fingers around the edges. You also want to check the bed frame, between any joints, screw holes, and headboard.

Step 3 – Expand the search
If you can’t find them on your bed time to start your search a little further out.

a) Nightstand – pull drawers out check inside them and inside the nightstand itself
b) Electronics – tilt objects over and look inside any crack or crevice where they might be hiding
c) Framed Art – inspect the inner frame and along any crack of crevice
d) Sockets – Use a screwdriver to take the socket cover off and look behind the wall
e) Doors, Windows, Baseboards – Use a flashlight to look into small cracks and voids

How Do I get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Many people will battle bed bugs month after month not understanding that inspection and bed bug treatment needs to be thorough and constantly followed up. When you choose to treat an infestation yourself the chances of elimination are often times a long drawn out process.  DIY Products from hardware stores are  not what you need and delay the process of elimination that much longer.  Releasing a bug bomb in your home will not kill bed bugs. It will push bed bugs deeper into wall voids where they’ll reproduce and come out once it’s safe. In the process you could also create a super bed bug one that is more resistant to any future bed bug treatments.

You don’t have the time nor energy to mess around with bed bugs. You are dealing with a very resilient pest and one that can outsmart you at every move.  For this reason alone Bed bug treatments are best left to the experts who have professional products, training, and the ability to eliminate every last bed bug.


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