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Charlette’s Web Pest Control is a owner/operator full pest and termite control company based out of Tomball,TX. Our focus is on family friendly treatments that are both effective and affordable for our customers. We get your pest control issues fixed quickly so that you may return back to what is important.

When treating your home we keep your safety in mind and treat it as we would our own property. At Charlette’s Web Pest Control we use integrated pest management methods to use the most responsible choices for our customers. This often means we’ll inspect your property first, and come up with a plan before starting treatment. Each home is different and not all issues can be treated the same.

Our #1 goal at Charlette’s Web Pest Control is to provide services that are easy to access and schedule! Unlike most pest control companies at Charlette’s Web Pest Control you can schedule your service a number of different ways. Some customers prefer to call us directly, some prefer to contact us online and others directly through text message! Whichever your preference know that our commitment to providing you with a quick service is unsurpassed!

None of our services require a contract, so if you need just a one-time service please don’t hesitate to give us a call! If you’re ever having an issue we will provide you with a free callback like the bigger companies without a need for a contract! 

We built the pest control company we’d want to do business with.

We hope you do too!

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